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World Class Rolling Shutters

We brothers Agencies manufacture and sell all kind of Rolling Shutter Materials since 1976. Our product range include high quality CRCA, GI, Zincro and powder coated materials. Well Experienced team of workers along with highly sophisticated production systems enable us to provide us high quality product and best services to customers.Recognized as one of the leading manufactures and suppliers, we have been following high industrial statndards in all range of our products which are in high demanded due to their accuracy, durability and sturdiness.

Our Products

GI Coil

Size : 121mm
Thickness : 0.7mm x 1mm

Electro Zink Coated

Size : 121mm
Thickness : 0.7mm x 1mm

GI Powder Coated

Size : 121mm
Thickness : 0.7mm x 1mm

MS Pipe

Size : 6mtr
Thickness : 1.8mm to 2.5mm

GP Coil

Size : 900 mtr
Thickness : 0.3mm to 0.35mm

Shutter Gear Box

Size : Dia 9 to 12(inch)
Thickness : Heavy Type

Grill Piece

Size : 3mmX6mm
Thickness : .7mm to 1mm

Lock Piece

Size :
Thickness : 4mm to 5mm

Nut Bolt and Screw

Size : variable
Thickness : variable

side Motor

Box Sections(Full Flat)

Size : 121mm x 75mm
Thickness : 0.7mm to 1mm

Lath Section

Size : 121 x 75mm
Thickness : 0.7mm to 1mm

Perforated Lathe

Size : 121mm x 75mm
Thickness : 0.7mm to 1mm

Box Sections(Flat)

Size : 121mm x 75mm
Thickness : 0.7mm to 1mm

OD Pulley

Size : 9inch
Thickness : 5mm to 6mm

Baring Pulley

Size : Dia 1.5 - 2 (inch)
Thickness : 0.3mm to 0.35mm

Side Board Bent

Size : 14 to 16 (inch)
Thickness : 2mm to 3mm

U Clamp

Size : 900mm
Thickness : 2mm to 3mm

Grill Piece

Size : 3mm x 6mm(inch)
Thickness : .7 to 1mm

Tubular Motor

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